What is an on-call firefighter?

emergency pager

On-Call Firefighters have normal jobs and provide availability to respond to incidents outside of their normal working hours. When On-Call personnel are mobilised to an incident they need to get to the Fire Station (at normal road speed) within 5 minutes. 

If you are planning on responding to incidents while you are at your place of work, it is important that they understand what this involves. Employers will need to sign a form confirming that you can be released from work (available by request)

On-Call Firefighters are fully trained and respond to any incident type that a Fire & Rescue Service would deal with. They attend a weekly training session at their local station to maintain their skills and competencies. 

Firefighters don’t just respond to Fires, RTC’s and other operational incidents, they play an important role within the community, providing Home Fire Safety advice, conducting Water Safety initiatives to young people and conduct road safety strategies to young drivers all in an effort to make our communities safer.  

Joining the Fire and Rescue Service is a great way of meeting new people – both the people you work with and those in the community who you help. There’s a special kind of bond amongst firefighters. It comes from working together as a team in conditions that are sometimes potentially dangerous or emotive. That helps bind you together as few jobs could.
On-call firefighters come from every walk of life and no previous experience is required due to the comprehensive training programme you will undertake.