On-call firefighter pay explained

How does the payment system work?

Payment is made by monthly direct credit to your bank account or building society account.  The rate of pay for on-call firefighters is dependent on your availability and will be reviewed bi-annually each year.
The retaining fee is worked out depending upon the number of hours availability given by the employee on a weekly basis. This can be anything from 120 hours per week to as low as 40 hours per week cover. An average hours percentage is worked out over a 6 month period of time and employees are paid for exactly what they have worked.
As well as the bi annual retaining fee, on-call firefighters are paid an hourly rate of pay for attending the following:

  • Drill Night
  • Turnout
  • Training Course
  • Community Safety
  • Standard Tests

Trainee firefighter rate

This is when an on-call firefighter joins their station and is in the process of completing all initial basic training until they are deemed safe to ride the fire appliance and start to give hours of cover.

Development firefighter rate

Once they have successfully completed their initial training, on-call firefighters are placed on the development pay scale. They will remain on this scale until they have completed the remaining core development modules and courses and have proved their competence.

Competent firefighter rate

Once your district manager has verified the evidence as meeting the standard, you will then be paid competent rate of pay.


You will be automatically enrolled into the New Firefighters Pension Scheme 2015.  You may, however, opt out of contributions to this scheme.