Safer Futures Online


Welcome to Safer Futures Online, presented by County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service (CDDFRS). Our commitment to the safety of young people in the community drives the innovative Safer Futures Online program, specifically tailored for Year 4 students to reinforce fire safety messages and enhance overall safety awareness.


Safer Futures Online is a teacher led programme which centres around the engaging narrative of "A Day in the Life of Woody the Fire Investigation Dog" video. Throughout the video, designated moments labelled as "Classroom Activity" prompt teachers to pause and engage students in corresponding workbook activities. This program seamlessly integrates with an accompanying workbook, divided into eight parts covering crucial aspects of fire safety and prevention. Regular review of students' work booklets, along with facilitated classroom discussions, ensures not only knowledge absorption but also active application to real-world scenarios, fostering a comprehensive understanding of fire safety principles.

Links to PSHE programme of study

Aligned with the PSHE Programme of Study, Safer Futures Online incorporates key learning objectives, ensuring that students receive essential knowledge and skills to navigate various real-life situations confidently. Here's how Safer Futures Online fulfils specific criteria outlined for Key Stage 2:

  • H38: how to predict, assess and manage risk in different situations.
  • H39: about hazards (including fire risks) that may cause harm, injury, or risk in the home and what they can do to reduce risks and keep safe.
  • H44: how to respond and react in an emergency situation; how to identify situations that may require the emergency services; know how to contact them and what to say.

Delivery Schedule

The delivery schedule outlines the coverage of workbook parts over five days, offering a structured learning experience.


Your feedback is invaluable to our continuous improvement efforts. We encourage students to complete an impact evaluation form at both the beginning and end of the program, providing insight into their understanding and aiding in program refinement. Additionally, we invite teachers to participate in an evaluation survey to offer insights into workshop content, delivery methods, and overall effectiveness, shaping the future iterations of our program.

Next Program

Our next Safer Futures Online program will commence in September 2024. Schools interested in enrolling their Year 4 students are invited to complete an expression of interest form here. Secure your spot and empower your students with vital safety knowledge. For any questions or queries, please contact