Service Leadership Team

The Service Leadership Team (SLT) provides the senior executive officer function within the Service.

The Fire and Rescue Authority delegates to the SLT, the effective management of the organisation and its resources, the delivery of the primary corporate, operational and support services and the execution of the statutory responsibilities.

Senior Leadership Team Details

Steve HelpsChief Fire Officer is responsible for the whole organisation and reports to the Combined Fire Authority.

Keith Carruthers, Deputy Chief Fire Officer is responsible for Emergency Response; Community Risk Management and CDDFRS. He reports to the Chief Fire Officer.

Tony Hope, Deputy Chief Executive and Treasurer is responsible for Strategic Finance and CDDFRS and reports to the Chief Fire Officer.

Rob Cherrie, Director of Emergency Response is responsible for North and South Operational Divisions; Resilience Planning; Stations; Flexible Duty Officers; Control; Local Resilience Forum; and Business Continuity. He reports to the Deputy Chief Fire Officer.

Ben Cairns, Director of Community Risk Management is responsible for Business Fire Safety; Community Safety; Arson and Young People; Workshops and Stores; and Assurance. He reports to the Deputy Chief Fire Officer.

Keith Lazzari, Director of Corporate Resources is responsible for Transactional Finance; ICT; Estates and Facilities Management; Information Services; and Health & Safety. He reports to the Deputy Chief Executive.

Katherine Metcalfe, Director of People and Organisational Development is responsible for Human Resources; Organisational Development; Training; Governance; Communications; and Project Assurance. She reports to the Deputy Chief Executive.

Register of Outside Commitments: 

In the interests of transparency and accountability the Service Leadership Team seek approval for and declare their membership/involvement with outside bodies. This can be viewed on the register below:


For detailed information in respect of the top three levels of the organisation follow the link below:

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