Accessibility and access information


The site offers a variety of ways to find solutions and information for your technical support issues. This document will guide you through the Help site interface and provide a general overview of the available tools.

The Search Tool

On the right side of the header is a search box with a search symbol as a button. Use this feature to search for support documents using relevant terms. You can express your need as a phrase or as a single word.

Browse by Topic

On the right side of the interface is a list of subjects associated with the top level categories.

Clicking on these top level categories will expand the list to show links to each of the sub-categories. Selecting any of these second-level links will open a page result set on the right side of the interface, listing each page that falls under that category. For each subject there may be several pages of results.

If you have general suggestions for the site, feel free to use 'Report problems with the website' page. A link to the form is located at the bottom of each page.

Access information

CDDFRS publishes documents in a range of formats. We want as many people as possible to be able to use those documents.

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