Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Steve Helps CFO
Cllr Shirley Quinn
Steve Helps, Chief Fire Officer   Cllr Shirley Quinn, Fire Authority Champion Member for Equality

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service (CDDFRS) are committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in both the service we deliver to the community and the employment of our staff. Equality, diversity and inclusion is about understanding and respecting differences and ensuring the right people receive the right services. We also understand that a diverse workforce with individuals who are able to offer different skills, experience and knowledge will benefit us as an organisation and ensure we are able to meet the needs of the diverse community we serve. 

We have published our strategic commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and our equality objectives in our Equality and Diversity Strategy. This is a public declaration and commitment of how we, in CDDFRS, plan to meet the duties placed upon us by equality and diversity legislation and best practice, in managing our staff and meeting the needs and wishes of our local population. Our equality action plan runs alongside the equality and diversity strategy and members of our equality, diversity and inclusion working group are responsible for developing and implementing the action plan.

Any feedback on our equality objectives or the action plan are welcome and comments should be sent to pa@ddfire.gov.uk  

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