Tips for University Students

Being a SAFE Student

  • Don’t leave / wedge open fire doors, these are there to prevent heat and smoke moving round the building

  • Not to cook after a night out and a few too many beers!!! You may forget or fall asleep.

  • Before you start cooking, make sure you have a window open or your extractor fan operating, smoke from cooking will set the alarms off and we will have to attend, this takes fire engines away from real 999 calls

appliances in a row

  • Make sure you are charging your electronic devices on hard flat surfaces and you’re keeping an eye on them in case they get hot - they can overheat and potentially cause a fire. Do not charge devices overnight.

  • Don’t spray aerosols near your smoke detector - although the spray isn't smoke, the vapour can still set it off
  • Smoke from E cigarettes will set the alarm off
  • Never cover or tamper with your smoke alarm, they are there to save yours and everyone’s else lives.