Community Risk Consultation

2023 - 2026 Consultation

Every year we consult with you about our CRMP and our plans for the year ahead. This year's consultation is now closed.

The results of our consultation are as follows:

Question 1

We propose to crew all of our Wholetime fire engines with four firefighters. Do you agree with this proposal?

Yes     68%

No       32%

Question 2

We propose to review the Risk Based Inspection Programme (RBIP) for business premises to ensure our proactive protection and enforcement activities are aligned to identified risks, to maintain the reduction of non-domestic fires and ensure the continued safety, from fire, of employees and visitors to these premises.

Do you agree with this proposal?

Yes 96%

No 4%


This year's consultation document summarised the CRMP and explained what we consulted on. You can read this at the link below:

Our 3 year strategic plan

You can read our full Community Risk Management Plan at the links below:

Community Risk Management Plan 2023-2026.pdf

You can use the link below for an accessible version of the Community Risk Management Plan: