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Find answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Home Safety:fit smoke alarms

Q:  Do I need a fire extinguisher in my home?
A:  Under normal circumstances you would not need an extinguisher, although if you want to buy one make sure it has a British Standard Kitemark on it. A dry power extinguisher would normally be used for the kitchen.

Q:  How can I escape from my bedroom if my house was on fire?
A:  Essential safety guidance will be given to you when you make a 999 emergency call. See also our fire safety guidance section.

Q:  How can I stop my smoke alarm from actuating every time I cook?
A:  The smoke alarm may need to be relocated to a position where it will not be effected by the cooking fumes. Alternatively, a different type of alarm could be used incorporating a silence button which will automatically reduce the sensitivity of the alarm for a set period of time (normally 7 minutes).

Q:  Where do I purchase my smoke alarms?
A:  All good hardware stores and DIY centres carry different types and models of smoke alarm and will be happy to advise you in your decision.

Q:  How many smoke alarms do I need in my home?
A:  The normal advice is to have at least one smoke alarm on every floor of your home.

Q:  Where can I get Fire Safety advice and information?
A:  Either call your local Fire Station or contact us at Fire Service Headquarters for help. Headquarters telephone: 0345 2234221