•    If you have a garage, park your car in it and always remember to lock it. If parking on the driveway, reverse on to the drive with the front of the car facing the street. 
•    Always park in a well-lit, open location and when parking in a public car park, look for one that is well supervised with good lighting and security cameras. 
•    Report abandoned or neglected cars to the Durham Police on 101, as these vehicles tend to attract arsonists and Anti-Social Behaviour. 
•    Never leave personal property or valuables on display. Take your belongings with you or lock everything out of sight in the boot. 

•    When parking your car, have a careful look around the immediate area. If there are piles of broken vehicle glass and evidence of recent car fires, avoid parking in this area. 

•    Always close your car windows, never leave them open as an arsonist can push flammable materials through an open window.