Control calls

We monitor the calls into our control room to ensure we are mobilising our appliances in an appropriate timeframe; we aim to mobilise a resource within 90 seconds of a call being answered by a fire control operator. The below statistics show how our control room is performing, it should be noted that there is no data for November 2014 as we were changing our command and control system. Calls are only monitored for calls which end up being an incident in the incident recording system (IRS). We also remove any calls where the handling time is less than 0 seconds and more than 360 seconds as this shows that there has been an error/anomaly in the system or the mobilising time is a very long period of time, e.g. an appliance has not booked mobile when they left the station. Therefore, the number of calls in this page will not add up to the total calls on the overall performance page.