Reporting Faults and Repairs

Report Fault with Equipment
Report Fault with Equipment


Report Repair to Equipment
Report Repair to Equipment

Lifts and Essential Fire-fighting Equipment

Regulation 7 of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 requires responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings to undertake monthly routine checks of specific fire safety equipment.  The equipment covered by this requirement is:

  • Lifts for use by firefighters or evacuation lifts 
  • Automatic door release mechanisms 
  • Evacuation alert systems 
  • Fire detection and alarm systems 
  • Rising mains 
  • Smoke control systems 
  • Suppression systems 

Where faults with any of this equipment are identified, the responsible person must take steps to rectify the fault.  If the fault cannot be rectified within 24 hours, then the fault must be reported to the fire and rescue service.  The fire and rescue service must be informed once the fault has been rectified. 

This information will assist fire and rescue services by highlighting faults with equipment, which both residents and firefighters may rely on for their safety, so that it can be factored into their operational response. 

Reporting the fault

Faults with the above equipment that cannot be rectified within 24 hours should be reported using the online fault form. Upon completion, a fault reference number will be provided – you should keep a record of this to for when the equipment has been repaired. 

Reporting the repair

Faults that have been rectified can be reported using the online repair form. Providing the fault reference number given at the time it was originally reported will allow the repair to be easily aligned with the fault and reduce the amount of information that must be provided. 

To assist in gathering the information captured by the online forms, pdf versions of both the fault and repair forms are available to download.

Person completing the report

The forms should only be completed by persons acting in an authorized capacity on behalf of the responsible person.  If you are a resident and/or leaseholder who has identified concerns with your building, in the first instance you should contact the Responsible Person for your building.  If you want to report a fire safety complaint, do not use this form and contact us

[ Report Fault with Equipment ] (online form)

[ Report Repair to Equipment ] (online form)


[ Report Fault with Equipment ] (ODT file)
[ Report Repair to Equipment ] (ODT file)