Safety Tips for Smoking and Candles in the Home

smoking cigarette


Make sure all cigarettes/smoking materials are fully extinguished after use.

Always use a sturdy ashtray with a heavy base to help prevent it getting knocked over.

Do not smoke whilst under the influence of alcohol or other items that might make you drowsy – including prescribed medication or other drugs.

If you feel tired, avoid smoking. Never smoke where you sleep. Falling asleep when smoking is dangerous and can lead to your clothes, or bed or chair you are in setting fire.

If you can, empty your ash tray on a morning before you have a cigarette. This way there will be no smouldering ash as it will have been cold whilst you were asleep. If in doubt, put water into your ashtray before you empty it.

Always empty the contents of your ash tray into a suitable bin. Metal bins are best. Do not put ash into a bin with a liner and/or other refuse in it. Bins can very easily catch fire.

lighter and match

Match and Lighter Safety

Always keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children and vulnerable adults.

Limit the number of lighters you have, this will make it easier to know where they all are and avoid them getting in to the wrong hands.

Get into a habit and remove lighters out of coat pockets or handbags when you arrive home and put them into a safe place.


Candle Safety

Always use a candle holder with all candles.

The metal jacket on ‘tea light’ candles is designed to hold the wax and is not a holder. This jacket can get as hot as an oven, so it can easily scorch or set fire to its surrounding area if not in a holder.

Never put candles directly onto plastic surfaces such as window sills or in bath rooms.

Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets. A wagging pet tail or jumping animal can easily knock a candles over and start a fire.

Do not light candles near curtains or window blinds. If the window is open be aware that a breeze can easily blow flammable materials such as curtains onto candles and start a fire.

Blow candles out before you leave the room they and check all candles are extinguished as part of your bedroom routine on an evening.

Stop, Drop and Roll

If your clothes catch fire, do not panic. Panicking or running around can fan the flames and make the fire worse. Drop to the floor and roll back and forth until the flames are out.

If you would like advice smoking safely, the use of candles or any other area of fire safety, please call 0345-2234221 to arrange a Home Fire Safety Visit from the crew at your local fire station.