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On this page you can access guidance from HM Government on fire safety risk assessment for those seeking advice on how to comply with the provisions of the Fire Safety Order - usually employers or owners/occupiers of commercial premises and other non-domestic premises. There are also blank 'Fire safety Risk Assessment' forms and 'Log Book' proformas to aid your record-keeping (prepared by CDDFRS).

Under the Fire Safety Order, the responsible person must carry out a fire safety risk assessment, implement and maintain general fire precautions and have a fire management plan. More detailed advice and guidance on carrying out a fire safety risk assessment for specific types of premises can be found below.

If, having read the relevant guide, you decide you are unable to apply the guidance then you should seek expert advice. The fire safety section can help by calling 0345 223 4221. However, they will not be able to carry out the risk assessment out for you.

 Offices and Shops  Factories and Warehouses
 Sleeping Accommodation   Residential Care Premises
 Educational Premises  Small and Medium Places of Assembly
 Large Places of Assembly Theatre, Cinemas and Similar Places
 Open Air events and Venues  Healthcare Premises
Transport Premises and Facilities Animal Premises and Stables

Means of Escape for Disabled People

(read in conjunction with the other relevant guidance documents)

Environment agency - Fire prevention in permitted sitesFire prevention in permitted sites, the Environment Agency

(this guidance covers storage of combustible waste at permitted sites.)

 Making your premises  safe - Short Guide

Do you Have Paying Guests?
Fire Safety Risk Assessment - forms and guidance complete

 Fire Safety Risk Assessment-Forms Only

Fire Safety Risk Assessment-Guidance Only Fire Safety in Schools
 Fire safety risk assessment form for Simple Premises Log book
Lacors Fire Safety Guidance .




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