Audit and Finance Committee

The Committee meets at least four times yearly and undertakes the following functions:

Audit Functions:

  • Reviewing and Approving the Authority’s statement of Accounts, Annual Governance Statement and  Statement of Assurance.
  • Discussing the nature and scope of the forthcoming audit with the external auditor.
  • Receiving and commenting on the external auditor's audit completion report and Annual Audit letter.
  • Receiving regular progress reports from Internal Audit and considering the issues and action plans arriving from any audit.
  • Approving the Internal Audit Charter.
  • Considering the report on the annual review of Internal Audit effectiveness.
  • Ensuring all auditors have the full cooperation of staff.
  • Reviewing the Annual Governance Statement prior to its approval.
  • Reviewing and reporting on corporate governance arrangements.
  • Oversight of the risk management process and the corporate risk register.
  • Considering update reports on existing and emerging corporate risks.
  • Considering reports from internal and external audits and inspections.
  • Promoting the value of the audit process.

Finance functions:

  • Supervise the process of investigation and determination of complaints of breach of the authority’s code of conduct for members.
  • Grant appropriate dispensations to members pursuant to S33 of the Localism Act 2011 insofar as this responsibility is not delegated to the Monitoring Officer.
  • Ensure that members of the Fire and Rescue Authority are adequately trained in their obligations under the code of conduct.
  • Review and report on the quarterly and annual financial statements of the authority.
  • Consider and make recommendations to the authority for the proposed Revenue and Capital Budgets and medium term financial plans.
  • Consider any changes in the budget allocations arising from changes in strategic policies and service plans.
  • Consider any proposals for growth or budget reductions.
  • Consider the revenue and capital budgets, medium term financial plan, council tax levels and associated information prior to approval by the Fire Authority.
  • Consider Treasury Management policy and strategy and on-going performance.
  • Consider value for money reviews and indicators.

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