Stanhope Fire Station

Stanhope Fire Station

17 Front Street
DL13 2NE
United Kingdom

01388 528172
    Crewing Arrangements
    On-Call Firefighters
    Management Team

    Group Manager: 

    Ian Irving -

    Divisional Managers:

    Justin Parry -
    Michael Pearson -
    Mal Woodward -

    North Division RDS Support:

    Jonathan Robinson –  


    Fire Safety Officer

    Tel. 0345 223 4221 

    Community Safety Support

    Please contact our Community Safety Team on 0345 2234221

    Station Boundary Map

    Appraisal of the facilities at the fire station at Bridge Street, Stanhope in the official report on the formation of Brigade was:

    A reasonably well sited mixed prefabricated and brick structure in a fair state of repair although it lacked suitable drill and training facilities. A new more permanent structure would be required at a later date.

    The old fire station was demolished and the construction of a new station on the same site began. A temporary garage for the appliance was constructed.

    The drill tower was erected and the training yard was extended

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