Home Fire Safety Information - General Guidance

You can avoid fires in your home by having a working smoke alarm. Smoke alarms are a crucial step towards protecting yourself from fire, but what would you do if it went off during the night? Have a plan ready for an emergency!

Fit smoke alarms on every level of your home Test the batteries in your alarm once a week. Never remove them
 Stub cigarettes out properly and dispose of them carefully  Don't tackle fires yourself - Get out, stay out and call 999
Make a bedtime check of your home before you go to bed. Close inside doors at night to prevent fire from spreading   Plan an escape route and make sure everyone knows how to escape
 Avoid leaving children alone when cooking on the hob - keep matches and saucepan handles out of their reach  Take care when cooking with hot oil
 Don't overload sockets - try to keep one plug per socket  Ensure candles are secured in a proper holder and kept away from curtains and fabric

Do you and everyone you live with know your safety plan?

For information on carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, visit the HSE CO Awareness website. 


Doing some simple things can stop a fire starting in your home which could save your life. A smoke alarm can save your life. It will make a loud beeping noise to warn you if there is a fire. This could give you time to escape. One of the most common causes of fire is electrical. Please take a moment to review these points.

Stay Safe from Fire