Design and Materials of External Walls

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Wall Design Submit a record of the design and construction of external walls.

Design and materials of external walls

Regulation 5 of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 require responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings to prepare a record of the design of the external walls and share it with the fire and rescue service. The purpose of providing this information is to assist with operational pre-planning and to provide information that will be of value to responding crews at the time of a fire. 

As well as providing details of the materials used in the wall construction, responsible persons will also be required to provide information on the level of risk of fire spread that the external wall structure poses, and any steps that have been taken to mitigate these risks. 

Responsible persons should complete the online form to provide fire and rescue services with the necessary information required by the regulations. To assist in gathering the information captured by the online form below or the ODT file (Word compatible) and emailing


[ External Wall Report ] (online form)

​[ External Wall Report ] (ODT file)