2. Call Questioning at Fire Control

On all occasions when a call is received stating it is an automatic fire alarm (AFA), our Fire Control room will adopt a call questioning process.

This will start by asking if the source of the sounding alarm has been investigated. Being able to safely investigate the source of a sounding fire alarm is an important part of a building’s fire procedures. Knowing if an alarm is sounding due to a developing fire enables appropriate action to be taken immediately to keep people safe.

If the cause is a false alarm, investigating the source also enables the ‘all clear’ to be given minimising disruption and avoiding the need for fire engines to attend a known false alarm. It also helps avoid the wider risk to the community which occurs when the Fire Service are asked to attend with valuable resources that may be needed elsewhere for a genuine emergency.

If you have not already done so, please update your fire procedures in readiness for the AFA policy change on 2 October 2023.

Further guidance on the Fire Safety Order and your responsibility is provided on our website.