Water Safety

Drowning Prevention and Water Safety 

More people die year-on-year from water related fatalities than house fires.

Click link below to report a problem with water safety equipment.


The Water Safety workgroup has identified a 'fatal five' issues as a focus for its water safety messages:

  1. Cold water shock - low water temperature can numb limbs and claim lives
  2. Do you know what is in or under the water surface? - There may be entrapment hazards, pollution, etc. 
  3. Currents or water conditions - includes floods, unknown depths, ice, riptides, eddies etc. 
  4. Alcohol consumption - don't swim if you have been drinking
  5. Swimming Competency - don't assume because you can swim in a pool that you can deal with the challenges of open water swimming. Swim in safe areas, or where there is supervision or a lifeguard. 

Stay safe around water at home or on holiday

There are many dangers associated with playing near to open water, or swimming in open water.  Check out the safety advice on the websites below to make sure you and your family stay safe:

www.rospa.com –  for additional information, once on the site search for: 'water'.

https://rlss.org.uk/ - click on the Water Safety link