Log burner safety guide

  1. Check with your Council if you are in a 'smoke control' area.   
  2. Have the log burner or fireplace installed and regularly inspected by a professional fitter.
  3. Have the chimney inspected, swept and lined to ensure the fire is safe.
  4. Ensure the room has ventilation to assist the efficiency of the fire.
  5. Never use painted, treated or contaminated wood as fuel.
  6. Use dried, seasoned wood, (the ends of the logs should look cracked and split), with a moisture content of 20% or less.
  7. Buy 'Woodsure' fuel that is clearly marked 'ready to burn' and complies with the Domestic Solid Fuel Standards 2020.
  8. Go to https://www.burnright.co.uk for further information and a 'how to' video guide.
Log burner safety guide cover page
Log burner safety guide