Crook Fire Station

Crook Fire Station

Peases Way
DL15 9GR
United Kingdom

01388 767117
    Crewing Arrangements
    On-Call Firefighters
    Management Team

    Group Manager: 

    Justin Parry -

    Station Manager: 

    Dan Wootton -

    RDS Support Manager:

    Kevin Bell -


    Fire Safety Officer

    Dave Tempest: 07730 456724


    Community Safety Support

    Please contact our Community Safety Team on 0345 2234221


    Station Boundary Map


    The fire station at crook on formation of the brigade in 1948 belonged to and was operated by the National Coal Board Fire and Rescue Service at Pease Road, Crook. The station was equipped with the most up-to-date appliances with all personnel trained in the use of breathing apparatus. The two story building had underground training galleries and a drill ground. In addition the station had houses adjacent for the serving firefighters. The crews from the station provided fire cover in the Crook area on a financial basis agreed between the National Coal board and the County Council.


    Withdrawal of fire cover services meant the establishment of a temporary fire station in an ex-Ministry of Works hut on New Road. The station had a one bay garage.


    A temporary wooden garage was erected alongside the existing building to house the fire appliances.


    The new fire station on Howe Terrace was officially opened with one appliance bay and ten newly trained retained firemen.


    The former Auxiliary Fire Service garage was adapted to house an additional appliance.