Register of Members Personal Interests

All councillors are required by law to register any financial, business or land interests they have including their employment, directorships and contracts between themselves/their firm and the fire authority. They are also required to register interests, of which they are aware, of their spouse or partner if applicable.

You can view each fire authority councillors' Register of Interests below.

Cllr Brian Avery

Cllr Alison Batey

Cllr David Bell

Cllr Jennifer Bell

Cllr Peter Brookes

Cllr Colin Carr

Cllr Helen Crumbie

Cllr Alan Gardner

Cllr Derek Hicks

Cllr Paul Howell

Cllr Charles Johnson

Cllr Brian Jones

Cllr Audrey Laing

Cllr Linda Marshall

Cllr Henry Nicholson

Cllr Christine Potts

Cllr George Richardson

Cllr Sue Richmond

Cllr John Robinson

Cllr John Shuttleworth

Cllr Mamie Simmons

Cllr Watts Stelling

Cllr David Stoker

Cllr Fraser Tinsley

Cllr John Turnbull