Free Safe and Wellbeing Visit

Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe

Safe and Wellbeing Visit Request

As of Saturday 1st August 2020, Safe and Wellbeing Visits will stop being offered only via telephone and return to their normal format of in-person home visits. If you would like us to come to your home, where we can offer fire safety advice, possible referrals to health partners and free smoke alarm installation, please call on 0345 223 4221, to arrange a suitable date and time.

Take a look at our short Safe and Wellbeing video with advice on making you and your family safer in your home 

Watch our short video which will show you the potential risks in your home and give some valuable advice on what you should do to keep your home and families safe.

Tyne and Wear Fire Service have produced a video explaining Home Fire Safety for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


After your Safe and Wellbeing Visit 

After your Safe and Wellbeing Visit, you will be asked to complete a feedback form. Please complete the form located here.   (Note: Only to be completed if we have attended your property in person)