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The site offers a variety of ways to find solutions and information for your technical support issues. This document will guide you through the Help site interface and provide a general overview of the available tools.

The Search Tool

On the right side of the header is a search box with a search symbol as a button. Use this feature to search for support documents using relevant terms. You can express your need as a phrase or as a single word.

Browse by Topic

On the right side of the interface is a list of subjects associated with the top level categories.
Clicking on these top level categories will expand the list to show links to each of the sub-categories. Selecting any of these second-level links will open a page result set on the right side of the interface, listing each page that falls under that category. For each subject there may be several pages of results.

If you have general suggestions for the site, feel free to use 'Report problems with the website' page. A link to the form is located at the bottom of each page.

Access information

Document types used on the Co. Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service website

 acrobat[pdf] - PDF Documents can be viewed by using Adobe Acrobat. You can download it free from the Adobe website.

The following tools can be used to convert PDF documents into plain text or HTML documents. You can translate a PDF into a text only or HTML by the following methods:

We have replaced [doc] and [ppt] throughout the website with the open format versions, .odt open document text [odt], .odp open document presentation [odp] and .ods open document spreadsheet [ods]. This is inline with the open document format (ODF) as an international standard. ODF allows users to send, view and share office documents regardless of what software they have and what device (eg tablet, mobile, laptop) they are using. To do this, ODF puts different types of office documents into a file format that covers:

text documents
graphical documents, such as drawings and presentations

 There may be legacy doc or ppt files. If you encounter these types of files on the website, report them to the website admin team and we can provide the file in the open document format and replace the file on the website. Contact the website admin team at

Our website accessibility

In order to make the website more accessible, it has been designed with compliance to the standards according to the W3C, the respected authority on web governance.

APPEARANCE: The website font size can be adjusted in your browser settings. for more information, links to popular browsers are at the bottom of this page.

ACCESSIBILITY: This website is designed in HTML5. HTML5 is the standard in which websites are designed. HTML5 candidacy has been recommended to W3C. The design is using best practice from the guidelines for accessible design as suggested by the World Wide Web Consortium.

How to change the browser text and background colours in browsers and additional information

The ability to change the way your internet browser displays web pages can be controlled within the browser itself. The BBC have created a very useful guide to the different ways you may be able to adjust your settings.