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Data Protection

Our Commitment

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service is committed to ensuring that the personal and sensitive information (data) it holds about individuals is accurate, up to date, used only for the purpose intended and securely protected from inappropriate access.

We are further committed to ensuring that individuals can find out about their personal data, be given access to it and the right to challenge its accuracy. In terms of non-personal information, the Authority is further committed to promoting public access to the information it holds.

Your Personal Data

When we collect your personal data we will normally tell you:

  • what your information will be used for
  • who it may be shared with
  • where you have a choice about your data we will ask for your consent

Note: In emergency situations we will need to deal with the emergency and so will not be able to tell you about any data handling at the time.

We often tell you why we need your personal data by including a privacy statement on any forms or letters.

We take our Data Protection Act responsibilities extremely seriously and understand how valuable your personal data is.

Please follow the links here to view the Services’ Data Protection Policy and Data Protection Procedure:

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Procedure

Data Protection Act 2018 and European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016

The Data Protection Act 2018 provides individuals with a right of access to information that may be held about themselves. This is called subject access. It is a qualified right of access, which does not extend to certain types of information including that which might identify other individuals whose data is held under a duty of confidence.

Subject access request

If you wish to make a subject access request in respect of information that you believe County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service holds about you, you should apply in writing to:

The Governance Team
County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service
Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Belmont Business Park
Durham, DH1 1TW


You should provide as much detail as possible to narrow the search and locate the precise information you require. You may be required to provide some proof of identity together with payment of a fee.

View our privacy policy here.

NHS Data

NHS England, the Royal College of General Practitioners, and Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) in England work together to share information (where relevant, proportionate and necessary) to allow fire service personnel to undertake home safety assessments for those who would benefit from a visit.

The majority of fire deaths in the UK occur amongst the elderly population. However older people are most vulnerable to fire and a number of other risks.  A home visit from the FRS is proven to make them safer and can reduce risk significantly.

In one area of the United Kingdom where this work has been piloted since 2007, there has been a significant reduction in fire deaths and injuries which has developed into a current trend well below the national average. So we know this work can save many lives.

The FRS and NHS will continue to work together in the future to ensure the visits undertaken by the FRS are effective in helping make people safe and well.

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