Committee Papers for 28 October 2020


A MEETING of the AUDIT AND RISK COMMITTEE will be held remotely via Teams on Wednesday 28 October 2020 at 1000 hours to consider the following business:-


Apologies for absence :

Minutes of the previous meeting Report of the Chair (copy attached)    

External Audit follow up letter  Mazars (copy attached)

Statement of Accounts year ended 31 March 2020 Report of Treasurer (copy attached)

Corporate Governance Action Plan Update Report of Treasurer (copy attached)

Corporate Risk Register - Position at 30 September 2020 Report of the Treasurer (copy attached)

Internal Audit Progress Report Head of Internal Audit (copy attached)

Independent Review of Local Authority Financial Reporting and Audit Head of Internal Audit (copy attached)

Audit Committees: Practical Guidance for Local Authorities and Police 2018 Head of Internal Audit (copy attached)


Items during which it is considered the meeting is not likely to be open

to the public (consideration of exempt or confidential information)


10. Internal Audit Outstanding Actions (appendix 3) Head of Internal Audit (copy attached)

TO:     The members of the County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Authority

 Audit and Risk Committee

Durham County Councillors: Cllrs J Turnbull, D Bell, L Marshall, E Scott and B Avery

Darlington Borough Councillors: Cllr G Lee